Meaning of the name Abigail

Meaning of the name Abigail

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Meaning of the name AbigailWhat is the Meaning of the Name Abigail?

Some names are rare. And many people do not know where they come from and what concept they would give them. Here we help you discover both popular and unpopular names. Abigail is one of the most exciting names when it comes to learning about the meaning of the name Abigail.

Meaning of the name Abigail: In etymological terms, the meaning of the name Abigail translates as “my joy is in God or my father rejoices.” The origin of the name Abigail is primarily Hebrew. The name is gradually becoming more and more popular in the US and around the world.

There are several other exciting things to learn about the meaning of the name Abigail. If you are interested in knowing any person named Abigail through the meaning of the name Abigail, you should not stop reading further.

Origin of the name Abigail:

Origin of the name Abigail is essentially from Hebrew. It’s a name of biblical origin. Abigail is one of the names for more classic girls that you can find. Everyone from girls to old women has this name, and if your baby is about to be born, I think that this could be one of the best options you can find, concerning keeping a name. The name Abigail is one of the most interesting, and I want to tell you that if it’s about wanting to understand its essence, then you’ll need to understand more of the meaning of Abigail.

Local Origin of the name Abigail:

The name Abigail arrived in the US in the ’70s. It has always had great success with parents. Commonly awarded and enjoying a stable popularity rating, this name was most popular in 2010 when it was awarded to nearly 120 girls.

Different Country Variations of Abigail:

• Abi

• Abigal

• Gail

• In French Abigél

• In Italian Abigaille

Nicknames of the name Abigail:

Abby, Abi, Abbie, Abbey, Abbi, Abbs, Aby, Abbs, Abbs, Abeey, Abs, Abgai, Bigal, Bigel


Since 1970, its demand has steadily increased to reach its peak in 2010 with 119 newborns so named. Independent and having a strong character, Abigail is a person full of energy. This dynamic woman likes to look after her appearance. The impulsive temper of Abigail will force her entourage to take it with tweezers. She adapts quickly to new situations and loves adventure and the unexpected. This generous woman gives without counting to her relatives. Among the variants of the Abigail name are Abygail, Abbygail, and Abygaelle. Few personalities are so named. We find the wife of 2nd US President Abigail Adams and American actress Abigail Breslin.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Abigail:

The sense of Humor and Enthusiasm:

This name is directly related to the joy and sense of humor in people. The so-called women are determined people who take their lives with great enthusiasm knowing that this is the only one they will have ahead of them and that they must thus enjoy it to the fullest.


Abigail is very tender and charming but at the same time an unprotected person, always looking for a man with courage and strength. She needs someone to protect her and give her love before society. She is very fortunate with her partners since she needs one or two relationships to have some experiences and thus find the perfect person to spend the rest of her life.

A Beautiful Mind:

Abigail has a very particular way of thinking, is very observant, and analyzes every problem that is presented to her every day and always gets an immediate solution for her. An active imagination makes her apt to develop as a writer or painter. Abigail has the ability of mathematical thinking, which works related to chemistry are one of its strengths.

A delightful person

The right way to define her would be a smart woman with a strong personality. Being gay, she communicates her joys to those around her. She reveals a rather individualistic nature, fleeing all forms of authority. She attaches great importance to her freedom and independence. The mood swings of this capricious woman tend to confuse or irritate those around her. Abigail rarely confides. Far from being expansive, this reserved person prefers to keep her opinions to herself. Moreover, she tends to cut himself off from the outside world. As a result, Abigail sometimes has trouble solving her problems. It remains to ruminate and thus develops a complex of guilt in her.


Abigail is endearing and determined. She has a will capable of coping with all the trials. This girl adapts herself to different situations while remaining herself. Abigail can get into a rage if she feels cornered or if someone asks too much. Elitist, she has few friends. Those lucky enough to join her circle of friends know that she is faithful and dedicated.


Pleasing, seducing and charming are essential values for this pretty woman. She heals her appearance and often makes changes of appearance to attract the attention of others. Nevertheless, she sometimes falls into disproportion. On the heart, Abigail needs a generous and caring companion who can understand her whims. However, she does not support possessiveness and jealousy. Abigail is mainly looking for a relationship of trust. A bit demanding, she is passionate and generous. This intelligent woman tends to doubt her abilities. She needs some time to adjust. If we do not put pressure on her, she is active and able to carry out the missions that fall to her.

The whimsical nature of Abigail is not suited to fairly strict jobs. The professions that are related to communication, commerce, creation, fashion, and crafts are more appropriate for her. Also, it will flourish fully in trades related to travel. As a child, Abigail is impulsive. In class, she may be talkative, dreamy and scattered. It will then channel and direct to prevent it disperses.

Affable Nature of Abigail:

This whimsical little girl is in great need of order, firmness, discipline, and method. You have to touch her chord so that she obeys. Indeed, she does her homework only to please. We can say that the professions related to communication, commerce, creation, fashion, and crafts are more appropriate for her.

As a child, Abigail is impulsive. In class, she may be talkative, dreamy and scattered. It will then channel and direct to prevent it disperses. This creative little girl is in great need of order, firmness, discipline, and method. You have to touch her chord so that she obeys. Indeed, she does her homework only to please. Besides, it will flourish fully in trades related to travel. As a child, Abigail is impulsive. In class, she may be talkative, dreamy and scattered.

Emotional Spectrum:

Her emotivity can quickly turn into nervousness if Abigail feels cornered, if you ask too much of her, too fast. Abigail has few friends, but they are loyal, sincere friends with secure connections, for whom Abigail is always active. It is this half-tone reactivity that makes it possible to temper the strong character of Abigail. Abigail often doubts herself until she gets into the action and then the machine starts. Pretty sensitive to chess, Abigail does not demoralize so far.

Personal Integrity:

Abigail needs confidence and patience to reveal himself, her intelligence is bright, but Abigail must proceed methodically and distinguish all the details of the situations for a proper understanding.

Somewhat skeptical and involved in the face of great demonstrations, Abigail has somewhat discreet affectivity that can suggest a certain pretension. Susceptible, Abigail needs attention, understanding and feeling loved, appreciated, valued.

Abigail experiences some blockages at this level. Refusal to live, self-destruction is not uncommon at home. Her sexuality is complicated, subject to many repressions. Her great susceptibility is not foreign to blockages and restraints.

An Active person

Very emotional and active, Abigail is a dark and worried person, who has an impulsive temperament. Wild sometimes, do not jostle, harass Abigail. Strongly introverted, Abigail attaches far more critical to her inner world than to the outer life from which she often cuts herself off. As a result, Abigail sometimes has trouble getting rid of her problems, she ruminates and thus develops a complex of guilt. An excellent morality, of which Abigail makes excellent use, always in a positive way. Her intuition is penetrating, but Abigail is wary of it and gives her very little credit. Her power of seduction is excellent but not noisy especially as Abigail lacks confidence in her.


Meaning of the name Abigail in Love:

When talking about love it must be said that she will seldom fall in love, but she will have people in her life that will help her to grow sentimentally throughout her life. However, when she finds real love and a person who understands her, it is when she will become in a woman who will give her life for whom she fell in love. She will love having children since she has loved to care for and interact with children since she was very young.

Meaning of the name Abigail in Public Relations:

In the private field is selfish and can be violent, but her big challenge is to learn to control her temperament, as it is very impulsive, and if she loses her temper in public is usually offensive, rude and challenging. She knows that it may happen that in old age she suffers from loneliness and even poverty, this because of not talking about anything was there at her disposal.

Meaning of the name Abigail in Family relationships:

What concerns the family has, this girl takes excellent care of her loved ones, to the extent that she can support them economically as far as she can according to her income. Abigail tries to make great things come in their lives because they like to see the people who always accompany her happily.

Meaning of the name Abigail in Friendship:

She is a person who takes excellent care of friendship with her loved ones, likes to have several friends for different types of occasions when she already has some that are honest with her and appreciate her, then she will always try to be present and help them with anything that comes in your way.

Meaning of the name Abigail in Social communication:

Sometimes she behaves unpleasantly with others because of her need for freedom. She is a very noble person who likes luxuries, for this, she does everything possible to shine. She is a counselor, and she loves to tell her experiences to her children so that they understand better what she wants to say.

Travel and Leisure:

Very goodwill associated with the strong activity, make of Abigail a person rich in possibilities who nevertheless needs time to act, to be fully manifested. Abigail has more confidence in her will than in her intuition. Abigail needs some time to adapt, and not to scatter around several projects. On the contrary, without being shocked, Abigail must assimilate the business to be carried out and so it does all that is necessary to achieve the goal she has set. Abigail has good vitality but remains sensitive to fatigue as well as intellectual overwork and recovery difficulties.

Abigail needs her friends more than knowledge, her restricted circle suits her perfectly, and she often takes refuge there. Her sociability is average insofar as Abigail is afraid of being lost in the exterior side of things. Her dynamism is not always adequate with her activity, Abigail often lacks enthusiasm when she approaches her works. Lacking objectivity, trust, she is thought to be timid when she is thoughtful, but when this girl goes into action, she shows perseverance, rigor, and perseverance.

Career and Money:

Meaning of the name Abigail in occupation:

The work is one of the most important things that determine this woman, because she always wants to have income, and generate them quickly. Not only that, she loves to manage her money. This person performs in all areas especially in mathematics, whether to exercise some engineering or to teach this subject and that by being a very talented woman ahead.

Meaning of the name Abigail in Career:

From a young age she has concentrated on her studies, she performs in all disciplines because these people are analytical and always seeks the meaning of the things Abigail listens to on a daily basis, she has a great ability with words and writing. She does not like the ties to continue to develop fully.

Life’s Opportunities:

An open-minded woman with a lot of potential in anything you want has hidden talents, as well as a beautiful kindness; this causes that at all times, find and find solutions for problems that may happen in life. Usually, I’ll tell you that Abigail is a woman who wants to live at all times. The work is one of the most important things of this woman, she always wants to have income and not only that, she loves to manage her money, that’s why her characteristics include being a very talented woman ahead of others.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Abigail:

The personality of Abigail is similar to that of the native of Capricorn. Like her, the woman born under the sign of Capricorn is stingy with signs of affection and may seem cold. Under her mask hides an enthusiastic and friendly woman, however, but a reserved strand. On a daily basis, she is cautious and thoughtful. Full of humor, the woman Capricorn loves from time to time put a little spice in her life. At work, she will carry out her missions effectively and meticulously. Ambitious, she does not skimp on efforts to succeed.

Abigail is Inhibited and needs time to adapt to her partner. Tenderness and patience are necessary for entirely offering it. As a good sign of earth, the Capricorn woman is afraid of loneliness and rejection.

Two gems for Abigail are ruby and malachite. The ruby, symbol of strength and courage, awakens her passion, her pleasure, and her life force. This gem stabilizes Abigail’s feelings and preserves her from betrayal. Indeed, the ruby is considered a talisman that conjures evil and bad dreams. Malachite is a soft, porous stone with a bright green hue. It is suitable for disordered people who lack consistency like Abigail. Thanks to this gem, she will be able to restore her balance.

Traditional Color for the name Abigail:

Red is the color corresponding to Abigail’s character traits. She represents her passion and her love. This bright shade also expresses her joie de vivre. Also, she refers to her strong personality and her infectious energy. By wearing this color, the sensuality of Abigail wakes up.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Abigail:

5 is Abigail’s lucky number. A symbol of freedom and dynamism, this number reflects her need for independence and her taste for travel and new experiences. Abigail’s incredible ability to motivate others is increased tenfold by 5. She will be disciplined and focused under her influence.

Flowers and Foods for the name Abigail:

If there is one flower for Abigail, it is Hydrangeas. It is because she is always very grateful. She is incredibly generous and still cares about the happiness of those she loves.

Famous People Last Names with the first name Abigail:

• Abigail Lockhart (Figure from Emergency Room)

• Abigail Lane – British artist

• Abigail Folger (1943-1969), heiress of an American coffee company and murder victim of the Manson Family)

• Abigail Eliot – published author

• Abigail Chase (played by Diane Kruger “The Legacy of the Knights Templar”)

• Abigail CarAbigail (played by Angie Harmon in Law & Order)

• Abigail Breslin: Abigail Kathleen Breslin is an American actress.

• Abigail Breslin – American actress


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