Meaning of the name Marie

Meaning of the name Marie

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The meaning of the name Marie

The meaning of the name Marie will depend on where you live in the world! Marie is a name that has been used all around the world. In order to understand what it means, you need to know its history and origin.

What does the name Marie mean?

Marie comes from the Hebrew name Miryam meaning “bitter,” hence one interpretation is that Marie means “from a bitter place.” It’s also possible to translate it as “rebellious” in Biblical terms.

What is the origin of the name Marie?

The name Marie in Latin, translates as “waters of the sea”. It is probably derived from Marius, meaning “the one who is like the god Mars.”

In French it means “born by water” and in Hebrew, it means bitter or salt. In Swahili-Kiswahili, it means to shout out over a large distance or to cry out in a very loud voice (audibly). In Hawaiian it can mean tears that one cries because of sorrow for someone’s death. The meaning of this name has evolved so many different ways through languages and cultures because so many women have had this name throughout history.

Does Marie mean sea of bitterness?

Marie is pronounced “mar-ee” and is derived from the Greek word for bitter. As there are no French e’s in Greek, the popular pronunciation of Marie meaning sea of bitterness sounds a lot like Marie meaning sea of bitterness. I’ve heard this story, but I’m not sure if it’s true or not!

What does the name Marie mean in French?

Marie is a French name of Latin origin with various meanings.

Generally, the name Marie means “to be bitter or to be strong.” The first use of the name was in France around 1160 and it comes from the Old High German word meaning ‘majestic’ or ‘exalted.’

French Name Meanings: Marie often has several different meanings, as it is interpreted as being either Latin or Old French in origin. In these two origins, there are two totally different sets of meanings that often go hand-in-hand with one another and make for a fairly broad range of meanings overall. The first set stems from Latin origins and usually translate to either ‘ocean’ or ‘sea.’

What is the biblical meaning of the name Marie?

Answer: The name Marie has at least two meanings. One meaning is “bitter, sea of bitterness.”

This Hebrew phrase refers to the swelling of the Nile River and its surrounding marshlands, particularly during a rare event called a Black Sea tidal overflow that occurred when storms from both the Mediterranean and Red Seas collide with high winds coming from the Egyptian deserts. Pealing back into antiquity, this was very likely an annual event occurring every December and inundating places like Cairo in a biblical scourge of water.

The second meaning is “dedicated unto God.” This term was applied to Jewish women who refrained from personal grooming, devoted their free time exclusively to prayer and ritual life in service to God.


In the New Testament, there are five women with “Marie” in their name. Mary, Mary of Bethany, Elizabeth, Anna and Mary Magdalene. Of these five women only one is not a sinner and this would be Elizabeth who gave birth to John the Baptist. The other four females that bear “Marie” in their name were all involved with some sort of sin or scandal–– either themselves or having a close relative involved–– including adultery (Mary), prostitution (Mary Magdalene), a love affair with her own sister’s husband (Mary of Bethany) or an affair with someone else’s husband and child at the same time


Essentially Marie means bitter or roses.

Answer: The meaning of Marie in the bible is “obstinacy, rebelliousness”

The name Maria is derived from three origins. There are heavenly origins, Hebrew and Latin sources. In angels’ language or Hebrew Marah means “rebellious.” It also has a Latin origin derived from Maria or Mari over time became shortened to Mary which mean bitterness usually associated with her weeping.

There are many explanations for this strange epithet including that it was uttered when she saw Jesus executed on the cross: one who did not help at all when my Jesus suffered.. Another interpretation suggests that Marie derives from an Aramaic phrase mar-eeyah, meaning lady as revered.

This latter suggestion finds support among those scholars who believe that

What is the spiritual meaning of the name Marie?

The name Marie does have some spiritual meaning where it manifested from in history, but no single interpretation can be said to be ‘correct’ for all people or cultures. It might mean something different to someone of Nigerian descent than someone who’s a descendant of Viking lineage, and they may not know that their native interpretation is different than what the other person might expect. For example: Mary Magdalen was an important part in Christianity after Jesus died because she was at his tomb when he resurrected and there were 2 people later named “Marie” mentioned as among those present on the day of Pentecost after Christ’s ascension into heaven

What can the name Marie be short for?

Marie, is feminine given name common in France. It is the French cognate of “Mary” from Ancient Aramaic (Miryam). The female form of Marius or Mark. May be a variant spelling of Mary and may also be spelled Mariee, Mari, Maree, etc. In popular usage it means “rebellious”.

Is Marie a boy or girl’s baby name?

Marie is a popular baby name for girls in France, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and North America – often ranked within the top 10 of their national rankings.

What are the nicknames for the name Marie?

Maisie, Merry, Mimi, Mia, MoMo

Marie is a name. The forms of the word Marie that are often used as nicknames include “Mimi,” “MoMo” and “Mia.” Other variants of the name may be spelled with an e after the i (maire) or an a on the end (marai).

What famous people have the first name Marie?

Emmy Award winning actress Marie Avgeropoulos, Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Anne Sophie Goze (aka Marie), Hallelujah! Emmy winner Marie Mazzuchelli, former Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan, Marla Daniels. Marie Antoinette – Queen of France, Austrias and Norway (1755-93)

Marie Béatrice

Marie Terezie

Marie Antoinette d’Autriche – Wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II (daughter), wife of Louis XVI King of France (wife), daughter-in-law

In Conclusion

For those of you who are considering the name Marie for your soon-to-be born daughter, let me offer a few thoughts on what it means to be named after this saint. First and foremost, if you choose the name Marie in honor of St. Mary (mother of Jesus), know that “Marie” is not just another girl’s name – it signifies something sacred! It also has other meanings as well like “rebellious,” or “bitter.” If these sound more fitting than sweet, then go ahead and use this lovely sounding French word for your baby girl’s first name!

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